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Rugs and carpets industry in India is renowned for its art. Indian rugs history can be discovered far back in the era of 6000B.C. The hand spun natural wool was weaved to make out a floor covering. Indian rugs started producing in 16th and 17th century during the reign of Mughal.  The carpets weaved in India are influenced by Persian carpets, the motifs and the patterns can be noticed in Indian rugs and carpetsThe patterns varied from vines and floral patterns, animal and bird figures and geometric and calligraphic patterns.


Indian weavers have evolved their own style by following the patterns and styles of various countries. The renowned styles and patterns of Persia, Europe, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Morocco, France China, and Turkoman are so influencing for Indian weavers. Indian Carpets are renowned for their exquisite designs, elegance, attractive colors and workmanship.


You will search for hours on the internet and can get a huge assortment of rugs and carpets. But the knowledge and details about the rugs is lacking, this specific website will provide you the detailed information regarding varieties of carpets. This website is publishing all about rugs and carpets, the weavers, the artisans, the originating countries.

Before buying a carpet one should be familiar to the forms of the rugs and carpets. The various styles of carpets are made to suit the specific décor of the space. The knowledge about the forms and the patterns can help you buy a master piece that can complete the look of the room. To judge the quality of the rug one should be well aware about the material used to weave the master pieces. As the below mentioned lines of Mr. Alan says:


"Unless the salesperson asks you a lot of questions about your flooring needs in an honest attempt to help you select the right product to serve your needs, you can assume that they are interested in nothing more than their next paycheck. In that case they will likely applaud any selection you might make regardless of it being a wise selection or not."  - Alan Fletcher


There are number of carpets available in the market, numerous seller just emphasize on selling. The buyer should be well aware of the product to be purchased. These oriental carpets are mainly produced in Asia. Carpets can be classified according to the countries, such as Persian, Indian or Chinese; they can even vary according to the district of a country. The major classification of rugs and carpets of various countries is mentioned below:


Persian carpets: The very famous Persian carpet is a part of Iranian art and culture which were found in 16th century. The renowned Persian carpets are beautifully designed the variety of colors, the patterns and the draftsmanship is very expressive and attractive. The commonly used motifs include arabesques, palmettes, medallions, vine networks, and overlapping geometric compartments. These carpets are also known as Iranian carpets as being part of Iranian culture. Iran is also world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of carpets since centuries. Persian carpets are further classified into various categories such as Farsh, Qālicheh, Kilim. The classification of Persian carpets is based on design, type of fabric, and the techniques of weaving.


Turkish Carpets: The famous art work of Turk has given origin to the Turkish carpets; these carpets are best utilized by the natives to relief them from cold. The handmade carpets are less finely knotted, in less delicate design, includes subtle colors. They are renowned for their mysterious and enigmatic designs which are derived mainly from various Turkman tribes. Turkish patterns embellished stately carpets designed for mosques, but the chief creations were prayer rugs. The patterns are often geometric, organized in bold designs that are frequently diagonal rather than a vertical emphasis.


Chinese Carpet: The China carpets are asymmetrically knotted on a cotton foundation, with thick pile and are relatively coarsely weaved. These carpets are bright and red with Buddhist symbols and relatively simple borders. The motifs and the designs show medallion layout, Chinese rugs are influenced by Indian rugs. The motifs like dragon, lotus, phoenix, peony, fish and cloud are incorporated depicting the powers that these symbols hold. Along with rugs and carpets small mats, saddle rugs and seat cover are also manufactured.


Indian rugs: Indian rugs are in existence from 16th century, during the reign of Mughals. The royal courtyards of the Mughals were embellished with beautiful finely weaved carpets. These carpets were weaved with finest wool and silk to give it a royal and fine touch. The very elegant silk wool carpets and silk flower carpets were used to décor the royal palaces. A lot of Persian influence can be discovered in Indian rugs and carpets. The Indian rugs have been playing a vital role in home décor all over the globe. Indian rugs are renowned for their quality and sheen. The silk carpets are like magic carpets as they frequently change shades according to the light. The motifs that enhance the beauty are more floral, geometrical, and damask, in Indian rugs.     


Moreover, the rugs of different states vary in colors, design and fabric. Some of the Indian names associated with rugs include Jaipur, Agra, Kashmir, Dhurries, and Indo-Mir. The quality of rug is judged by fiber and the method of weaving. The quality of the wool and silk is examined minutely by manufacturers and buyers both. Rugs and carpets industry in India is world renowned, and the rugs from Jaipur are embellishing dwellings worldwide. One of the most renowned sources from Jaipur for astonishing rugs and carpets is Jaipur rugs company private limited. The company holds a massive collection of rugs and carpets of all the trends, sizes and patterns. The very famous traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, round rugs, area rugs, runner rugs, bath rugs, kitchen rugs, black rugs, wool rugs, silk rugs, wool silk rugs, and silk flower rugs all are manufactured by Jaipur rugs company. Availability of rugs online is not difficult, a number of rugs online stores offer a wide variety of discounted rugs and carpets. But to be sure about the quality, you should buy from a reliable vendor and a secure link.


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